If you need to provide analytics to your customers, one product makes sense: AgileSense

More and more customers, vendors & suppliers are becoming data driven. Engage, empower and enchant your customers.

With the growth of social media and online advertising channels, Digital Marketing Agencies are rapidly becoming the agencies of record for most brands in the country. These Agencies support their Customers’ Brands with campaigns that integrate online and social channels with traditional television, radio, and print media.

Wholesale Vendors who sell their products through a broad network of distributors, often have better data with which to forecast sales and market trends than their Retail Customers.

501(c)(3) Private Foundations are non-profits which receive most of their income from investments and endowments. These Foundations use this income to make grants to Public Charities, rather than being disbursed directly for charitable activities.

Software as a Service (SaaS) providers include companies that offer industry-specific or functional applications to their customers via the deployment of a cloud-based solution infrastructure which their customers access through a browser. Accounting, human resources, business process management, and sales cycle management offerings are all examples of SaaS providers.
Enchant your customers with self-service dashboards
White Label or SaaS Embedded or Enterprise Dashboards with custom reports, charts & KPIs.